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Sell it all!!!

on February 14, 2013
This is what my attic looks like now - this is all that is left!

This is what my attic looks like now – this is all that is left!

Things are changing around here. Seriously. I used to be such a freak about getting rid of things and completely against any kind of organization. Well, I guess being married to the queen of organize-it must be changing me to my very core because this girl wants to organize it all. No, not all of it. I want to get rid of most of it and organize the rest. The other day my wife asked me what I wanted her to work on in the house and my answer – without thinking twice – was the attic. I needed it cleaned out so that I could use it to organize my art things and the kids’ school things. We started going through everything and then decided to have a yard sale. Now, usually we talk about a yard sale and then wind up clinging to our stuff forever then donating it all. However, this time I hoped on Craigslist and put up an ad. We are doing it!
There are several things that I want to get out of this. I want to get more space, more time, more convenience – I want to do more crafts with the kids and more art and more school experiments. Along with cleaning things out I have given myself some rules. No buying for future projects. I buy what I need for the project I am doing and then have to do it before I start a new project. On top of that I have to organize the supplies before I can start the project. No more just picking things up because I know I will use them eventually and no more coming home and dumping and digging in!!!


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