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Two new journals, and I am happy!

on February 20, 2013

I’ve been making more of an effort to spend time reading the Bible, I have been doing this since last November I’d say. I started to get a little “over it” and I know that is awful. I was reading the new testament, idk if you guys ever have, but the books are very repetitive so that is where I went wrong… I think. I still read my Jesus Calling, though I need to make more of an effort to do it in the morning because sometimes I go through the day only to find out that that day’s message would have been amazingly helpful.

This is my sermon journal, I started it the last Sunday of 2012 - I wanted to cover the entire 2013 year.

This is my sermon journal, I started it the last Sunday of 2012 – I wanted to cover the entire 2013 year.

Anyway, I really love my pastor – I find myself broken again and again, that good kind of broken where you know that you will be so much better afterwards, by her words. Just torn wide open and then so, so, free and sure and full of love. So this year I started a sermon journal. Every Sunday I take note on all the scriptures read or referenced and jot down any little thoughts that stand out. Later I transfer these notes into my sermon journal and thus far have stopped there. However recently I have been so blown away by the beautiful scriptures that I was inspired to start reading again, only this is how I am doing it – now I am reading all the things we go over and all the things mentioned during the sermon on Monday using the NIV Bible (the Bible most often used in church,) then on Tuesday I read the NKJV, on Wednesday I read the CEV… and so on. It’s been really amazing as I sift through all the words and slight differences, they reveal different emotion and lead to different thoughts though the overall idea is the same. So with all the layers and depth I thought I needed a way to build on my thoughts and decided to get a journal. I remembered that I had an old 5 Year Journal and dug it out. When flipping through it I found an entry from way back in April of 2010 – only a few weeks before I started Weight Watchers and changed my life.


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