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How blessed am I?

on February 25, 2013

I can’t even begin to express my extraordinary happiness right now. Over the last week I just fell into two “jobs” that I couldn’t be more over the moon about. I’m going to be the health tip/weight loss tip writer for a monthly newsletter and now I get to keep up (and start a whole new one) my church’s blog! I am overly stoked. It’s a little funny because I have told people about these developments and I always get the, “How much does that pay?” or, “Are they going to pay you?” Nothing and no. At which point I either get an earful on why I’m crazy or I get a confused look.

These things don’t pay money, I get that. (For those thinking I just don’t need money, that’s incorrect.) Only, these things are so much more rewarding. I love to share the info I have picked up over the last three years of my journey to and maintaining a healthy state. (Something I am always at odds with, and I am currently recommitting to. Seriously, I’m blogging with carrot juice as I type.) I love to put all the research and experience I have into something that can help others, because my heart wants and prays health for everyone. If I can help people get there in a teeny way, amen! As far as the church blog, it’s funny you know. I always felt drawn to ministry, as a child I KNEW I would serve God and as an adult I was so lost. Still I pray that God use me, that He move through me and that I am able to serve Him and His word. Sitting in church I felt drawn again, but at this point in my life I have a FULL full time job, I home school my children. I can’t just walk away from that and I know that this is the path we were meant to be on. That is shown to me each and every day! I prayed and prayed and look I have been given a way to reach out to people (my goodness it’s an interweb of ka-billions of people) from my home, during school hours. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? HOW BLESSED AM I? Thank God, it’s amazing!


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