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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Mahalia Jackson Theatre NOLA

on February 26, 2013

(The re-commitment to a truly, for realzies, absolutely healthy lifestyle continues as I blog all about our beautiful Saturday night with a glass of carrot juice, after a 30 minute kick boxing workout and a 10 minute weight training session. BOOM!)

You may or may not (if you have been reading this blog for a few months then you do) know that my oldest daughter, Lou ♥, is in ballet class offered by NOBA and she loves it. She has danced since she was a small child. Recently she really took an interest in ballet and this year her dance school didn’t offer a ballet class at all – I KNOW!!!! – so we made sure to find her a different program it has been such a blessing for her. They are teaching real, classic, beautiful ballet. More than that, however, they have uncovered this graceful, strong, brave young woman; they have also unearth a real love for the ballet. She was so enamored with The Nutcracker that we watched it on Youtube and she really wanted to go to the show. As much as I wanted to give that to her this past Christmas season the tickets were so costly we just could not work that out. Enter the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. This last Saturday night ASFB put on a performance at the Mahalia Jackson Theater in Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans and they offered discounted tickets for the students- FIVE DOLLARS!!! I mean, we were literally all the way in the far right corner in the third to last row in the rafters, but it was still so amazing to be able to give that to the girls.

Got the girls "all dressed up" and whisked them off to the ballet. They are growing so fast and beautifully.

Got the girls “all dressed up” and whisked them off to the ballet. They are growing so fast and beautifully.

The whole family was supposed to attend, but my wife was not feeling well so I had a friend come with me and my daughters. They were overwhelmed with the luster and drama of the theater and the park at night. Scurrying frantically from sight to sight. Sadly, this ballet was a bit of a fail (or an, “Epic fail.” I heard Lou ♥ mutter to Mavis, darling! when she thought I was out of earshot) for them because of the way it was set up. It consisted of three acts that were just random pieces the association dances. It didn’t tell a story or “make sense” and so they were a little over it midway through. It was not ballet, as in traditional ballet, which is what Lou ♥ was really hoping for. Still, they had an amazing time, and can’t wait to we go to another show. (Hopefully Groupon will have a KILLER sale! lol)


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  1. rmedina49 says:

    Wow, thats all awesome!! thanks for sharing!

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