Much ado about nothing.

Shall we try this again? GPWC fellowship breakfast, Kenner LA

(Feeling the need to a) tell you that I already wrote this post several times so if it seems to be missing it’s zing that’s why, and b) let you know that once again I am blogging with juice and a plan to go to Zumba this evening!)

Now, onto the already written, and yet never read, post! This time I am saving every few keystrokes because I really do not want to write this again, despite it being a joy to write about. *Breathe* and post. Last Sunday our church skipped the service and went straight for building community and family by hosting a fellowship breakfast, I think that the convention rooms we usually occupy were in use. When this was announced I thought, “Oh, a Sunday I can sleep late and go to the grocery store early!” The wife agreed, but I felt kinda like I was cheating and so we left it up to the kids who both emphatically agreed that we should go! lol)

Our breakfast table.
Our breakfast table.

In the end it was a lovely breakfast and I really love seeing the people I go to church with, it’s also where I got the greatest gig of writing my church’s blog! Whoop, whoop! Only a good Sunday got to be a GREAT Sunday when I mentioned to my wife that I would like to stop by Lafreniere Park on the way home. We scooped a “buy1, get 1” sale one bread at Rite Aid and we took the kids to the park. It was a most beautiful day, the animals were so relaxed and everyone had a wonderful time with each other!

What makes a great day one of the BEST for me? A run, of course and I got that later in the day a a park closer to home.



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