I'm sick., Much ado about nothing., Shop me silly!

A beautifully boring day.

Today is a dreary day. I’ve got a lot on the back of my mind. You know what I mean, when you put it in God’s hands and you KNOW it will be alright but your human mind just wants to worry over it until it is all better. I’ve been in a lot of pain these last few days. It’s gotten progressively worse and I am focused on working out and making sure I am doing all I can to stay healthy. Still, there are times when it is hard and I sit a little too still which leads to falling asleep or watching an hour creep by without getting anything done. That’s what 7-8 a.m. was today. My dear boy laid next to me as if he could just tell it was a rough morning. He usually can. Later we had a few errands to run so I figured we should go and check out the newest thrift spot in the parish. It was a cute little place, but the shop girl was smoking and the clothes smelled like smoke. Ugh. I did scoop a redic cute 90’s black velvet baby doll dress I can’t wait to rock!


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