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Friday 5 – March goals.

My new, fresh, clean slate. I didn’t wait for March, however, I started this week and I am glad I did!

Here it is, MARCH. Wow, I can’t believe that we are steady heading into the third month of 2013. Magical. This Friday 5 is a tweak on an idea I had for last month and that’s my calendar. Last month I filled it up at the start, just knowing I was going to bang it out. Then I had to adjust it and white out and I lost it. Seriously, I lost my calendar. In March I am just focused on writing something on my calendar daily. Tracking my weight and work outs and life in general.

  1. I would like to move this body in some way daily – that can (and will) include walks with kids, hooping and small workouts in my living room.
  2. I’d like to run ten miles a week. (How I break that, doesn’t matter. Focusing on endurance not speed.)
  3. I’d like to make it to toning each week and to continue the toning work at home. (Even though it doesn’t burn calories and so I kinda hate it.)
  4. There is this desire to be seven pounds lighter at the end of this month. My official goal was 145, but I think it’s just to be back in my zone.
  5. Create art with my kids weekly. (Right now I don my stuff and they do theirs, but I want to sit there together and create.)

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