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A glorious Saturday!

on March 4, 2013

OMGosh, OMGosh!!! So in all the fun that this is I have to say my rear end is aching because I have been blogging for over and hour while perched at the end of my chair due to the fact that EVERY coat in this house was pulled off it’s hanger and worn in layers yesterday only to be thrown over the back of my chair so that wife/mom can hang them back up! Ranting run-on over, excuse me while I hang coats…

Ahhh, sitting all the way in my seat is so much more comfy. lol Now that I have completely forgotten what exactly I was going to be blogging on this lovely Monday maybe I should scroll through my pictures and refresh myself. Ooh, I should also go start a load of laundry as Lou ♥ will need her dance uniform tonight and that is at the bottom of the dirty hamper in my bathroom. A quick excuse me once again!

Dance leo and tights in the washer – check. Know what I was going to blog about – check!!! I am sure stoked to talk to you guys about my Saturday (though honestly as great as Saturday was, Sunday was better!) My wife has been working a lot lately and that is, thank God, not going to change anytime soon. We are overwhelmed by the blessings in our lives and more grateful than ever for her many opportunities to provide for our family, home and life – but it gets a little lonely. Seems like we are passing each other in the hall, excusing each other in the kitchen and then by the time I turn around she is out the door again, or in bed because she has an early morning. I barely have time to throw a decent meal her way most evenings. This past Saturday I had a birthday party to bring the girls to in Mississippi and while I love seeing the family (seriously we have a ball) I was a little bummed because I knew that my wife would be too tired to join us. That meant another day of saying good morning and see you later. However my mother came through and was so awesome, she offered to take the girls to the party since she was already driving my nephew up there. Excellent!

Saturday morning I woke up late (seriously you guys it was 8:30 a.m. – I haven’t slept that late in SO long!) I went to Zumba, came home and cooked breakfast for everyone, got the girls dressed for the party, helped Lou ♥ make a gift, took the kids to my mother, went for a quick 5k run and got home by 12:30 p.m. to shower and go to a lovely lunch with my wife. It was so nice, nothing fancy – we went to my favorite diner ever and I had my favorite sandwich ever! I always have a nice time with the kids, but sometimes it’s nice to just be grown ups. (Especially since I never go off mommy mode when the kids are near, like you must constantly be ready for  a problem! lol) At one point my wife asked, “Do you think we seem like we are married or just dating?” I think (and I said this) we probably seem like we are married to other people and dating – because it’s that happy, giddy and fun to be with her. I certainly don’t feel “married” in the sense that it is often portrayed, like some a boring, monotone chore.

After lunch we hung out at the house. We finished the last of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix, so now I have to figure out how to watch it on-line – I’m freaking out!!! (Elaina just became a vampire!!!) We snuggled on the couch and were just generally loved up all day. It was awesome.


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