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on March 7, 2013

My sweet, sweet, sweet blogging bunnies – I have to say that while yesterday was a lovefest of getting-it-done today is the opposite! Can I get a hashtag TRUTH – #truth!!! I feel like I have been strung out to dry I tell you! Every part of my body aches, my skin hurts on the surface and underneath itself. My joints are rusted and my muscles feel like worn string. The hairs on my head hurt to be brushed and I know it’s all going to get worse before it gets better. This is, of course, my body responding to worry and stress. Look, I am trying. I know that worry is a form of rebellion. I know that to worry is to try to control or to be looking for control and I am working on my trust. I pray, and I thank God, and I still fight my nature to worry. I am stressed to the max, money (as I am sure most single income families deal with.) Finances and then, now the kids are sick.

I thank God that this is the first time this winter season that they have gotten sick, but it is still very rough. Nothing, not my own illness or fear or money, can make me feel more helpless than seeing my children ill. Red eyes and chapped noses – it’s just so very, wrong. Heart breaking. Last night I slept for less than three hours. It’s so hard to sleep when I hear them breathing all ratchet and moaning. 😦 I stayed up to dose them every five hours with meds and it really seems to be helping. They woke up at eleven today and both stayed in bed (thank God we home school so that sick days are that much less stressful) and they watched cartoons. Around four they started playing together, very subdued.

We were deciding on whether to go to the doctor or not (my wife didn’t want us due to the insane bacteria the news is screeching over.) Today we put it off another day because they improved so much and if that happens again we wont need a doctor for sure! So this day is, and has been, about taking care of them, and me and trying to relax. 🙂 We shall see.


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