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Confession of the blogging kind.

on March 11, 2013

Seems to be the day of confessions as I was just posting one of the FB variety on Facebook. So here it is, my lovelies, I – your one and only – am hanging on by the thinest of threads. I am full burnt out, parched and drained. All commitments seem too big at this point. My dishes have piled up, my laundry has gotten a wee behind. My workouts are practically non existent. I am empty. A shell of the vibrant girl who once you knew. (Okay, dramatic I know.) Don’t hate me, it’s not my fault I was born this way. Ask Lady Gaga, she’ll tell you all about it!

SEE? Did you see that? I made a Gaga ref, not even on my worst days should that happen. Bloody heck!

At the same time that my body is losing steam, migraines coming more and more often, my mind is gearing up. I am a fountain of new ideas, mostly with this blog and my art!!!

So I came here to make a plan. (Dangerous things, plans can be! You think of this beautiful picture and rarely does it come into focus in just that way. I have learned to accept that and I know that often the end product is better than any thing we could have planned.) I am making a plan. Here, now. PLAN ON! I want to start a few features on my blog, I would like them to be weekly but they may need to be monthly at first. Seriously!!! I want to get a weekly art thing going with the kids. (This week we are working on paintings and on cross stitching!) I really want to get (and keep) them moving. I have a schedule to work out because I want my church blogging duties all wrapped by the time Tuesday rolls it’s cute self around these ways. I am also looking into the idea of blogging for dollars. Hmmm? Dialing for dollars is trying to find me… I wait for delivery each… Sorry, I break into song so easily these days. It’s the joy. 🙂

So this confession expands to be also the heartfelt outpouring of SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME TO DO IT!!!! At this moment my focus needs to be getting this house back to ship shape, as this weekend I didn’t really get the help I was kind of counting on. Then I can work on selling the goodies on the List of Craig and then I can apply for blogging jobs and then I can start my features. List? Oooh lists! I like lists. Okay, how should we do this? Let’s start with the house:

  1. dishes
  2. laundry
  3. vacuum
  4. mop
  5. table
  6. bathroom floors

Now “other stuff”:

  1. Craigslist
  2. blogging jobs
  3. doctor’s appointment

Now “life stuff”:

  1. READ MY BIBLE, I know that I am happier when I do (just like working out) and yet I still let myself put it off now and again!
  2. EAT RIGHT (I have a really important race coming up, we’ll blog about it later!
  3. Move my body, no matter how bad I am hurting and without letting these dang migraines win.
  4. Relax, pray and be calm.

Now I feel kind of dumb, I mean those lists are not even long! So do-able. I’m going to go get over myself and make something happen!





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