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They have to be one of the best parts of life.

My mom always worried over me. I tended to talk and engage everyone, but as I got older I had only a few friends. It’s true. I liked it that way. I’ve always been one to totally immerse myself into the people I found interesting. I have read that that is how a Sagittarius learns about life, they mimic and morph into the people who interest them and then move on, letting go of most of that person and keeping what they fancy most. I think it’s true to a degree. If I liked a part of myself I sought out people who had that trait amplified and I learned about myself in that way. I don’t think I did it on purpose. In the end I was left with three core friends (who could not be more different from each other) and, maybe, four friends who I don’t stay in constant connection with but will always call them friends.

In more recent years I met people through vlogging. Vlogging is funny. When you read people’s blogs you feel like you know how they think, their sense of humor, their style. You know them in an abstract way. When you watch someone vlog, if they are open and casual, you feel like you know them. Like you have had conversations and like you have a friend. Then you start to interact through video and it’s this weird form of conversation. I have several friends like that, one who evolved into a video chat buddy and then came to visit last year. People thought I was nuts for having a “stranger” in my house, they thought she was a nut for coming all the way across the country to stay with me.

We had a ball!

So, all of that to get to this: I have been in a funk lately and you of all know it’s true. Well, I am pulling myself up. Cleaned the kitchen, about to vacuum and last night the girls and I started our cross-stitching projects. Still, I was dragging pretty bad. When I got my mail I was in for a little pick-me-up! I got a package! Oh, yeah! I had forgotten that Ash was sending me some make-up products. When I opened it I had the sweetest card in the world! I almost cried, then the amount of goodies. It all came at the perfect time. Thank you, Ashlee!


1 thought on “Friends.”

  1. Wow!! Ashley sent you some really neat stuff. Now it will be a toss up whether to do housework or make yourself more beautiful than you already are with the makeup you received.

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