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Tuesday’s Gourmet

on March 14, 2013

So over on my old blog (which was all about food and weigh loss) I did this post called “Today’s Gourmet” and would blog what I ate. For a while I did it daily, hence (yeah, hence) the name. I have decided to bring that to this blog, with a twist of course. I’m basically going to blog my Tuesday foods. Random day, isn’t so random really. It’s the best day that works and the most likely I will remember to take a flick of everything!

I’m sipping my coffee, which by the way I never drink first. I will tell you why right here: If I drink my coffee first thing in the morning it makes me skip breakfast, I just am not hungry. Sometimes this can mean I don’t actually feel hungry until around three in the afternoon, seems great! ONLY NO! Just because I have th caffeine saying I’m full doesn’t mean my body has enough calories to run on. By the time I start to eat I am starving and can’t stop! I am just ravished. It leads to over eating and that is never good.

As I have mentioned I recently started eating really “clean” and making sure I get most of my daily gallon of water in because I have a race on the 30th of this month that is really important to me. With the pain in my body and the migraines back I need to focus on what I am eating even more, you know, do what I can while I can. 🙂

Let’s talk about that day of food, why don’t we. What? You have somewhere to go, well we all know I like a good chat – go ahead and go and the rest of us will still be right here when you get done! 🙂

That was rude! Walking out on a blog, let’s just keep it going!

On this day of food you see a few of my philosophies for weight loss and eating well in action. Lately I have not been “myself” so to say, when it comes to food. I have been relaxing more and more, which leads me to then beat myself up over my choices. When I have myself good and beat down I tend to make bad choices, which leads me to beat myself up. See that horrid cycle? When I get to this place I make things easy for myself. I spend a bit more for prepackaged portions like the cottage cheese and I spend a bit more on prepared items like the shredded iceberg and the fruit salad. I do those two  things because I know that I am already asking myself a lot just to stay focused and get it together, asking myself to do the leg work would just be setting myself up to fail.

Finally, I ate like I was eating out at a restaurant. That fish sandwich is my answer to the fact that I LOVE, but have not eaten in almost three years, fast food fish sandwiches – they range in calories from 290-470 with the lower end being listed as WITHOUT tartar sauce. I modeled it after the Cracker Barrel Farm Raised Catfish sandwich – the best guess-timate of which I can come up with is 450-700 calories depending on how you dress it and if you get the fried or grilled fish. By cooking it myself I could control the added fats like butter and oil, I could know exactly what was used; I made my fish sandwich for 211 calories and that was with all the trimmings! 😉

The garlic stuffed artichoke is SUCH a yummy and filling dish that I blogged up here. It is seriously as good as a stuffed artichoke, but without the bread filling. My artichoke will land you in the range of 75-150 calories for the whole thing, a stuffed artichoke with the bread crumbs will hit the calorie bank at roughly 215 a serving or 397 a whole artichoke.

The other low cal, totally fun and satisfying thing from this day was my smoothie. This was a snack not a meal replacement so I went VERY light. Ready? 140 g of frozen fruit, 1C of unsweetened almond milk, and a dash of vanilla extract – all blended up and adding a touch of water to get it to a very “drinkable with a straw” consistency. That simple, and delish, smoothie clocks in at 100 calories. The smoothie I love at Smoothie King is 290 regular and 187 if I ask them to make it skinny, but there is a problem. Often when I get the receipt there is no indication that I purchased a “skinny” smoothie. There have been times I have asked and the worker will go, “Oh, I forgot!” but more often they look at me kind of blank and then nod, “Yeah, it’s skinny.” I can taste the difference, but I can’t really argue. No need to worry over that at all – not at home when I can make my own!


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