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Friday 5 ~ Things I got going on this weekend!

on March 15, 2013

I am skimping on you guy and I know it, you know it, we all know it. Let’s just do the polite thing and look away pretending not to notice as I work myself out this mess! Real quick now, because no matter how busy I am and no matter how badly I need to clean my house, workout, eat something (that reminds me I need to feed my kids,) run to the grocery… blah, blah, blah – NO MATTER – I still love you guys, each and every one of my blogging bunnilou, and I want you to have your Friday 5, even if its a cheap stand in!

  1. Zumba and running on Saturday, early. This is if my legs decide to let me do those things! (They will or I’ll cut them! Holla!)
  2. The children have a birthday party to attend at a skating rink. Rink? Ring? I could have Googled it by now, but I will let that stand!
  3. Saturday night – date night. ‘nough said!?
  4. Sunday church, cleaning (my part-time, part-time nonpaying job.) I know, right?
  5. The Bible comes on Sunday night and I am making it my mission to be finished cooking, cleaning, mom-ing and wife-ing so that I can SIT ON THE COUCH and ACTUALLY WATCH IT!

Thank you, I take my bow and I bid adieu.


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