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It’s a skating party!

on March 19, 2013

That’s what I said two weeks ago when I opened the invite that the kids had gotten at church. I was excited and I looked up from the paper expecting them to be full of excitement also. There was more apprehension on their faces as they kind of um’ed and uh’ed. “I don’t know how to skate.” Lou ♥ said quickly adding , “But I totally want to go.” Mavis, darling! nodded her agreement. That’s when the faint memories of my little Lou ♥’s teeny set of skates, those little plastic chunks of fit-over-toddler-shoes that come with a helmet and pads in a big plastic bag, skates that were passed down to Mavis, darling! I remembered the skates well, but had no memories of either child in them, outside, learning to skate. (I think Lou ♥ had worn them around the house at one point.) It dawned on me, with surprise I should NOT have felt, that my babies never learned how to skate.

“Well,” I answered, keeping calm, “would you guys like to go and learn how to skate?” They looked at each other and started to nodded enthusiastically! Awesome!

When Saturday came they were giddy with excitement and the skating rink did not disappoint! We picked up their skates and I helped strap them on. As I moved to Mavis, darling! Lou ♥ stood up for the first time – she also went down for the first time. Oh, no! This was going to be wretched! Having Mavis, darling! all ready I steadied both girls and a funny thing emerged. Lou ♥, my normally reserved and cautious child, refused too much help, preferring instead to fall and get up – fall and get up – fall and… you get the picture – on her own. Mavis, darling! my child who I remind constantly, “You CAN NOT fly, do not jump of the swings or out of the tree!” (or the likes.) My child who has my stomach in knots as she scales the jungle gym and trees with a bit too much abandon, she became attached to me. Holding both my hands and leaning in until I had to make her let go. I told her, “I will catch you, but you have to let go to find YOUR balance baby.” It was such an odd role reversal for them.

They had such a good time and chattered about skating incessantly the rest of the day and the next morning as we got ready for church. Look, I loved how much they loved it and I loved that it was exercise that they wanted to do more of. I also loved the idea of tossing them and their skates into the car and taking them to the track to go jogging. So I asked my wife if she wanted to surprise them with a stop at the sports store and pick up skates after church. I really wanted her to be there for that, as I already hated that she had missed their first time skating!

After church, just as planned, we told the children that I needed some new running clothes and we went on about walking them to the skate isle. Their eyes doubled in size and the happiness was a joy to witness. My wife helped fit them as I picked out pads and then the girls found helmets and at the end of our shopping we went to the car with a sizable bundle of goods. The kids were eager and we still had to stop at the building where my wife’s second job is. They got to strap on all their new goodies and skate around the lunch room while she worked and I went to the grocery store. By the time we were heading home, they were whipped! Lou ♥ even fell asleep during the car ride.


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