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Bits and scraps and me…

on March 21, 2013
THIS is how it started.

THIS is how it started.

Have I ever told you guys how amazing my wife is? She is. There is no end to the ways she blows me away. I am so truly blessed. Without going into details that are not mine to go into I will say that my wife has not always had the best relationship with some of her family. She has tried, again and again, but sometime you have to distance yourself. Recently in life she took the brave, and wonderful, step to reach out to someone she loves very much, but has often been unable to connect with. She did this through old fashion “snail” mail.

(I may have mentioned that trust is a major issue for me. It’s just so hard, and while I forgive to a fault I find it hard to honestly give anyone a part of me. Watching her take that step helped me take some big ones of my own.)

Anyway, she has been asking me to print pictures to send off with her next letter. I am a scrap/SMASH booker addict, but haven’t touch all that in a while due to a mini issue I was having with my camera situation. Last night I sat down to print out a few pictures for her, then I thought I should print a few to smash – that led to me realizing that my house was neat enough to break out into a quick SMASH booking session! OMG! My fingers were flying over glue and paper and I was thrilled to finally get my lovely Run For Your Lives experience into my book!

Getting myself back into the flow has really got me excited! In fact I have a super fun surprise planned for my girls tonight!


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