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Girls night in!

on March 25, 2013

You want a peek-see into my life? Sure, okay. Well, it’s 3:40 in the early morning a.m. and my BFF just left. I’m moving photos from my phone to WordPress while I search for images to help with a few art projects that I am working on tomorrow (later today.) I have a dog snoring next to me and another in her kennel snoring like the biggest man you could imagine! The TV is on and I am nibbling Mint To Be ice cream. (Hmmm, side note, I don’t care what time it is when I want a snack or meal. I eat it and count it. I don’t subscribe to the after 7 p.m. is bad. I feel like, I eat when I eat and hold myself accountable. The end.) Burning a Pumpkin Spice Glade candle and watching the Fashion Star from last Friday night on-line. Prepping a check list for the vlog I am about to record! See, there you go. This moment in a nut shell.

Seriously though, today was pretty good. We were late getting to church, sorry babe. (She hates to be late, for me it’s just what happens.) This Sunday was a beautiful sermon – powerful. I got a copy and plan on writing up my Sunday notes as always, but it’s not about that. This Sunday was big for me. My walk with God and through this life will never be the same – praise God. I plan on writing all of that out, but for now I am worshiping and figuring it out for myself. Gaining some clarity, if I might. 🙂

My wife had to go to work, boo. So after church I went to the grocer to pick up the things I needed to send her with (snacks and goodies!) When I got home I went for a run and then met Evan at the ball park for a walk. We headed to dinner at my favorite diner and then hung out on my couch watching some crazy Cirque du Soleil movie while we gossiped, instagramed and just generally chatted away the night.


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