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Keep it simple, sexy!

on April 3, 2013

I know, I know, that’s not how that saying really goes. Only I am not stupid. Dramatic, maybe. Insane, yes on a bad day. Stupid, nope – not me! Still I like the basic statement so I altered it to suit me! lol

Today I am kicking myself into high gear, eating clean and moving with more purpose. I’m doing it today because it’s the day after Easter and Easter ends it all for me. You know, it starts around Halloween and stretches through Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year-Valentine’s day-Mardi Gras… this eat-a-thon that ends in my jeans being tighter than I care for. I am NOT a lemon water and cayenne pepper cleanse girl. No, I like to eat thank you very much! I do like to cut the crud out by eating simple. That means basic foods, as natural as possible. Think veggies raw or steamed, grilled fish and lots of fruit. I try to avoid overly processed foods. While this is fairly easy for meals it makes snacks a little tricky.

Enter my most favorite find of 2013 (don’t laugh we are more than three months in already!)

Simple oatmeal cookies – are you ready?

Hold on to yourself, I am about to blow your mind with on of the simplest, most basic and easy VEGAN cookies ever! (My sister tagged me in a post on instagram where she was all “@inthisrage cookie recipe reminds me of you” – and I have to say COMPLIMENT OF 2013 right there, this is so full of awesome!) So I made it a few days before Valentine’s day for my wife and I was like, “This is killer I have to dress it up for ♥ day and share it!” Why? Because I love love and food is a part of loving someone – healthy food not only says “I love you.” it says “I want you around for a long time.” That’s pure good, right there! (And then I lost this post and found it over a month later and THAT is why the reference to V-day is so strange!) Smile!

As always I’m gonna tell you what you need, ready? A banana and oats. THAT’S ALL YOU NEED! Now, I will show you what I used (big addition of one whole ingredient for flavor and one for Valentine’s day color.)

So, you mash the banono and add anything you want to add (the brown sugar in my case and the food coloring) then you dump in your half cup of oats and mix. Next, place your mix into 3 or more little cookies – the thing here is that it doesn’t spread and change the way dough does, so the shape you put in is the shape you get out. (Hence the heart shapes, yeah hence!) (Really not so much of a HENCE seeing that I can’t find the picture. You are welcome!) Finally toss them into a preheated 350° oven and let them cook for 15 minutes. Yep. Yes. For real it is just that simple! You can whip these up for the kids, for holiday parties for anything and you can feel great about serving them!

Things I want to try – cranberries, raisins, chocolate chips, P2B – it’s endless really!


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