Much ado about nothing.

I humbly apologize.

My dear, sweet blog-a-roos I simply must let you guys know that I am sure very sorry for the state this blog over the last week. Seriously. See, as a wife and mother I am super woman. I am your cooker, cleaner, teacher, healer, warrior, lover, mender – do all – be all – handle ALL. However, when my family is sick I am defeated. There is absolutely nothing worse than your children being ill, as a mother you must make it better. When you can’t, though you do all you can, you feel deflated. The second worse is when your partner falls ill and last week my wife was very, very ill.

Naturally it was all I could do to hold down the home front, keep the proverbial fires burning. Thankfully she is much, much better and God was with us through it all.

This week we have a very busy school schedule with the iLeap testing, but I will be blogging regularly and working on the Sunday notes from the last two Sundays (sheesh I am a slacker!)


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