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It’s good.

on April 10, 2013

So, so, so good. Then again that could be the way I start 90% of my post. Thank God.

Well that’s how we’ve been starting our day (if you skip over the sleepy-head bedraggled getting ready.) Lou ♥ has been in iLeap testing from 8:30-11:45 a.m. since Monday and will continue to be until Friday. While she is testing Mavis, darling! and I go through her lessons, and without cats and Lou ♥ and cooking and “bathroom” breaks (or LONG walks down our short hall just to get a break) we are zipping through our lessons. So by the time Lou ♥ wraps we are all clear to do as we wish! Monday we just kind of wandered through our afternoon feeding the ducks and exploring. Yesterday, however, we had a plan to skate and then get a little wet in the water feature at a local park. When the afternoon rolled around it was too windy and overcast to get wet so we settled for simply skating… Thing is my beautiful babies are newbies in the realm of skating and they had a heck of a time trying to skate against the wind. lol They would zip away from me as the wind was at their back and then inch back to me sometimes drifting backwards when they turned to face into the wind.

I picked a bunch of kites like two years ago when I found them on sale for only a few dollars at the end of the summer season. Last weekend I was in Kmart and was SHOCKED at the price of kites. Like five dollars for the 18″ plastic (practically disposable as they don’t hold up if they crash) kites and eleven dollars for the material ones. I have been keeping them in my car trunk because you never know when you’ll be at a picnic or out and about and need a kite, like today! After about 45 minutes we decided to fly kites! Worked better with the wind and (home schooling bonus) it turned into a science lesson on wind, force and work! Snap! Also, (spiritual bonus) as the girls were changing out of their skates I was getting the kites together. I had three little plastic ones that were undamaged but used, they were printed with bright blue and yellow “fighter” jets. I also had a few unopened cloth kites that the girls had actually picked out. I grabbed an already open jet kite thinking the girls could just get over the kite being a “boy” kite and I started to assemble it in the parking lot. I literally started flying as soon as I snapped it to, just up, up, up! I looked over at the girls, who like to get the kites up themselves. They were still working on their skates, but behind them was a little boy and his father and he was intrigued. I walked over with the kite string and asked, “Would you like to fly this kite?” He was beside himself. I smiled at his dad and said, “He can have it, we have lots.” They walked away and that little boy was just glowing. I went back to my car and thought, “Why do I need them all? I got them for next to nothing.” Decided then that the girls could have their kites that they picked out and I would keep mine, but the extra I gave away. We gave away three kites and it was really fun. It felt great to make the kids smile and also to spread some surprise goodwill to the parents. I am blessed in my life, even more so since I can share with strangers.


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