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“I like naming things.”

on April 11, 2013

My pastor said that as she talked about how Adam got to name all the animals. She said, “Can you imagine that task? I mean, well I like naming things.” I thought it was funny, I never really thought about  it. Later, as she introduced us to different Hebrew words she came across the word Yadah and I was struck! I quickly wrote a little note to my wife, “If I had a monkey I would name it Yadah.” She gently chuckled and whispered, “That’s because you like naming things.” Hmmm, is this true? Well, though I never thought of it I guess it is.

I name the animals, with imput from my family but I name them. I name animals I don’t have: my future goldendoodle, Christopher (to be followed by Matthew, Brandon and Zacharia.) The fact that when I finally get a teeny white fluff ball puppy I will name her Harlow Kate. I name body parts, I name furniture and my car’s name is Pixie del Q-bert! The list continues…

I never really thought about the fact that I love to name things, but I do. I just thought everyone did that. Planned pets around names, assign the names to reflect properties and aspects of objects and people. My goodness I have even re-named my children AGAIN AND AGAIN, not official but they have a slew of nicknames the most usual are Mavis, darling!, Lou ♥, duck, jelly bean… Oh my! lol The more I talk about it the more obvious it gets!

So, what do you guys name?


One response to ““I like naming things.”

  1. Noorie says:

    Lol, funny! I like encouraging my daughter to name her soft toys! In a way, it’s what I want to do I guess!

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