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City Park, NOLA

on April 23, 2013

Two weeks ago we attended out church’s picnic and it was, once again, an amazing day. I really like everyone I go to church with and there are many I honestly love so much. When I am in those situations I look around and I see my family. I see the uncle I never had, the cousins, the grandparents… I see this amazing network of support and love that comes with a big, beautiful family. I come from a small family, seriously, even when we are all gathered it’s maybe a room full of people and while I love them I would not say that we are all so particularly close. Add hurricane Katrina to that and the little family I had got spread a bit thin. Add to that the fact that my path puts me a bit on the outside of them (I mean, they would swear they love me and that my sexuality doesn’t matter to them but I know that my parents and my at least one aunt voted to ban same sex marriage. That matters to me, that puts a distance between us for me. I mean, not the action so much as the ideas and reasoning behind it. I am not angry or – it’s so hard to explain.)  It’s just, maybe the word I am reaching for is lonely? It’s lonely sometimes.

However, when I am at church or at church functions I feel so connected to the people around me. I feel at peace and whole. It’s where I am meant to be right now and that is just awesome.

If you read this blog often (don’t worry, no pop quiz) you may remember that when me and the girls went to packet pick-up for the CCC 10K this year my little Mavis, darling! rolled down a teeny hill. Lou ♥ would have none of it. On this picnic day my Lou ♥ was just so different – which I keep saying so often I think it may mean she is growing up – eek! – she laid in the grass and played a bit of softball and as the crowd was dying down she rolled down hills with my little Mavis, darling! Lovely!


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