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Art in April ballet performance.

on April 24, 2013

photo 1

My baby had her second ballet performance at and event called Art in April. They performed beautifully and I was beyond proud of her and the other girls. I also love the fact that my caramel baby was the lightest on the stage. I looked at my mom, who I love, and saw how freaked out she was by the, um, “urban-ness” of the dance group. I loved it, I loved that the lightest one was still a brown little girl, I love what that says about how our world is changing, all shades of mixed and blended! Awesome.

(I think that, maybe, to understand the magnitude of that statement you have to realize that I live in a small parish which was 97% white when hurricane Katrina hit. Of course the older generations here would tell you they weren’t racist, but I was raised to identify “bad” neighborhoods by the number of African Americans that were standing on the corner. I was not able to attend a birthday party for a classmate because she was black, so naturally everyone there would be black. As I grew up I took myself to an all-black church in the city, people from my area almost stroked when they heard that. I made friends based not on their color, but on if I liked them so I had a range of friends – oh, no! In the aftermath of Katrina there were a lot of people who were concerned that their neighborhoods would not be the same. They aren’t, and while it’s okay to mourn the loss of your neighbors and sense of community, it’s not okay to be upset that your neighbor is black. I, for one, am glad that my children are growing up with a mix of kids and classes in our neighborhood.)

They have worked so hard and seeing them go on stage and perform like young women is always heartbreaking, yet lovely!


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