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Friday 5 ~ Anniversary edition!

on April 26, 2013

It’s my anniversary and I a super stoked. Got a gift for my amazing wifey and while it’s not a super expensive gift (seriously I dream of giving her a vacation or a year subscription to a wine club) I did get her a gift she will die over! It’s a New Orleans Pelicans hat – oh, don’t worry, it’s not going to get to her, she’s way too busy to check the ol’ blog out! Okay, okay, here is my Friday five, it’s the things that changed in my life when I got married:
1. I never thought I could, but I found myself more in love. I fall more for my wife each day!
2. I started to actually feel like I had a new family. I mean we had been a family, but after we got married it was really REAL.
3. My best friend became a PART of me!
4. My heart almost broke I was so overwhelmingly happy, and I find it happens more and more often.
5. I was always in an “our life” mode, but when we got married it really became OUR LIFE and I suddenly became aware of how every action would affect the rest of my life and hers!!!


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