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I am in a pickle.

on April 29, 2013

This is my blog, and in the past I have talked about my struggles with what to and what not to share. Every time that question has been up in the air it has come down on the side of share. I feel like that is what this blog is all about, open and honest living. It’s my place to put memories, work things through in my head, get and give opinions… My sexuality – shared. My relationship with God – shared. My children – shared. My wife – shared. My “illness” – shared. My struggle with weight – shared. My passions for art and running – shared. See? I like openness. Only, in all of those it was a strictly MY decision and didn’t really affect other people. (Though I have heard of other blogging mothers whose children decide at one point or another they do not want to be blogged or photographed. If that was my children I would kindly accept that and make changes, as it is you see slightly more of Lou ♥ than of Mavis, darling! because she doesn’t mind the camera being shoved in her face. However, each and every time you see them blogged and photographer you can practically be garuanteed that a conversaion took place where I said, “This is going on the blog, okay?” and they nodded approval or told me, “Yes.”)

However I am at a crossroads of sorts. This is my place and I have chosen to be who I am, which includes quite a bit of personal information. If I said that my billionaire older brother was going out of town for six months and leaving his home unlocked full of cash, one could (if they wanted) do a little digging and figure out who my brother was (I have a younger brother who is in NO way a billionaire and lives in an apartment paycheck to paycheck I am pretty sure – so don’t waste your time. It was just an example!) and where he lived and have themself a field day. My point here, my little blog-a-lou’s, is that while I have chosen to share, others in my life have not. If I talk about them, or my relationships with them, if I think out loud on something I am concerned about – well, I’m kind of putting them on blast in a not so subtle way… Where does my right to blog my life end and other’s right to live a private life start? If I am saying nothing malicious and sticking only to my own experiences and my own truth can someone still get upset? I would guess the answer to that is yes, because often perspective changes truth and as this is all me and my thoughts it would come out somewhat one sided, naturally.

Maybe you have figured out that I have things, deep personal issues, going on and I want to talk about them here. I do. I just, idk, I guess I have to get to a place where I am ready and willing to suffer any fallout should the other party decide to get angry. I know that anger is their defense and that that wrath can be mighty, I know that feeling exposed will probably bring it. I just don’t feel like I can not NOT talk about it…


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