Mind - body - soul., Run like a girl...

*WARNING* Gross, and personal.

runners toe socks
You would never guess that these little socks are hiding horrid toes! The toes of a runner. How sad, and yet full of pride, am I?

The first time I got bruised toenails, often called runner’s toes, I was not a runner. I was a really overweight barely walker and I had had too many drinks to pay attention to my ill fitting heels. The next day as I sobered up I was overwhelming aware of the pain in my toes. When I removed my polish I found that my first two toes on both feet had black nails and I lost them a few weeks later. I figured that I had had them stomped during my night. The second time it happened was about six months after I started running on the regular basis. I pulled my socks off to find a black spot on my big toe nails, that spot spread until my nail fell off. I was freaked, until I read a lot about it and found that when you run – it happens. Yuck, but okay.

This year, about the end of February I started having that familiar black spot creep under my big toe nails. Ugh! After the 10K I ran at the end of March (which funny enough I ran past TWO signs a that said, “toenails are for the weak – keep pushing”) my right toe was really bad off. Over the last month the black has faded and the nail is starting to lift like I may lose it. Great – not. Two days ago it seemed that he was maybe getting really infected because the skin around the nail was very red and painful. This I do not need.

runners toes (1)
I posted this photo on my instagram account with a caption about using it on my toe and @toronto_chic left this comment, “Omg, I use Vicks for everything. From a cold to sore muscles. I even put it on burns. It truly is a wonder rub if you ask me. I have put it on infected sores before and it heals everything. I love Vicks. I am sure your toe will feel better in no time!!” Which makes me feel very excited for the success of this treatment!

I went to the great inter-web search wizard, Google. I found that there are oral medications, topical ointments. All are costly and all have side effect potentials. Then I stumbled across Vicks Vapor Rub as as cure all. They said to clean the toes, rub it in good and to cover. So, I’m giving it a try. (That and I need to upgrade my runners – that’s a whole other blog!)

So, because I am all about learning and sharing I decided that I would photo document this journey through the healing properties of Vicks because, honestly, I was bummed that I couldn’t find any before and after pictures anywhere. I took these pictures on day one, before treatment. However, I am typing this up on day two and I have to say they already feel SO much better and I think they look better to? Crazy. I’ll show you weekly until I deem the course complete. 🙂


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