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Crawfish boil Memorial Day weekend, 2013 ~ Beaux Bridge, LA

on May 27, 2013
The amazing spread that my wonderful hosts the Châtelaine family provided.

The amazing spread that my wonderful hosts the Châtelaine family provided.

This year is the first year that I can remember doing anything for the Memorial day weekend. Huh. Anywho, down here crawfish boils are a thing that happen constantly during the season. (Which is spring time, March – June as far as I know.) People gather with family and friends and spend the weekends hanging around the boil pot drinking beer and picking crawfish. Most people, but do you know it’s been – I think – three or four years since I had been to a boil and probably two years since I ate crawfish! I love crawfish! Sooo, when one of my bestest friends suggested we maybe boil crawfish while we were making plans to visit I was over the moon!

My friend Ree wound up in Beaux Bridge after hurricane Katrina. She lives on a piece of land that she shares with her parents and a pond and a grove of (I think) pecan trees. I love Ree, and her kids, and her little country heaven – but I hate the ride. TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! ONE WAY!!! We got there later than I planned, but that’s okay. Ree is a mom she knows the drill. Immediately the kids were fishing and 4-wheeling and just having a good country time! Then Ree’s dad got home from the ponds with so many beautiful crawfish and her brother started the boiling! My beautiful wife was supposed to go with us and at the very last minute got switched to a different office for work.

Ree’s parents were so kind they sent me home with so many to share with my wife, who was kin hog heaven! She ate all she could and then I peeled the buggers that were left so I could use them in my cooking! I can’t wait to get more, Fresh seafood of any kind is my all time favorite to cook with!


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