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As I always say…

on May 28, 2013

The best laid plans…

Girl, let me tell you! This summer was all planned from a month ago! My children wrapped their school year “officially” 21st, but there were still some loose ends and dancing. Unofficially our summer wasn’t going to start until June first so I had told them that this week (the one we are in, right here) would be their free for all of video game gluttony. TV, video, sleep, stay up all night, whatever – this is their week. This is my week to clean my house, really clean it so that it is kind of on autopilot as we roll through summer. Between the pool-ing and the playing and the adventure-ing I wanted to be able to just do upkeep, and after the swamp of school ending I need a few days to clean.

In my (pretty little) head I had the week mapped out as such: Monday – kitchen/Lou ♥’s school station; Tuesday – dining/Mavis, darling!’s school station; Wednesday – living room/bathroom/hall; Thursday – my bedroom; Friday – helping the kids with their rooms.

Through it all I was going to Zumba Monday – Saturday! And then yesterday happened. Yesterday my little Mavis, darling! who enjoys circumventing the rules, flushed wipes down the toilet in an amount which can only be describe as a wad. The toilet then rejected her offering and flooded my ENTIRE bedroom. The bathroom, down the hall, and my bedroom – if you’d like me to be exact – were all flooded.

There was a time that would have thrown me into a spiral of fear over cost, damages, cleaning. This time I said a prayer, texted my wife to let her know what I was dealing with and what she was coming home to, I took Mavis, darling!’s TV privileges away (for the duration of my cleaning because those kids have known for years not to flush wipes) and I got to evacuating my bedroom. First my wife’s uke, and a foot stool her grandfather made. Second the writings and doodles of her mother’s. Then EVERYTHING else!

When my wife got home she dismissed me for a run – that wonderful woman! When I got back and she was ready we filled the room back up with all our things. Oh! and there is a bright side, a few actually – 1) She’s been wanting to rip out our carpets. 2) We have a very “cool urban” feel with concrete floors. lol 3) My bedroom is clean!

There you go. Summer hasn’t even started and the plans are changing! lol


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