Much ado about nothing.

Oh! That makes sense…

So because I complicate EVERYTHING let me take you one a little walk-sie through how I blog my life here on this lovely blog. Ready? Okay! (How cheerleader was that?!)

So I usually take my photos with my phone while I live my life, I do this because I always have my phone on me. It makes it easy to interact and post to the Book of Faces and the Instagram, but I can’t figure out a good way to resize the photos to make them good for my blog. The way I have come up with is to then email myself the photos and resize at that point, but I can only email five at a time and if I have more photos I have to do multiple emails. Once blogged I delete the pictures off my phone. Then I have to download them and move them from the download folder to the folder where called TO BE BLOGGED at which time they all arrive named photo 1, photo 2 and so on… I then rename them and upload them to WordPress. So, for example, when I blogged the crawfish boil I dealt with three emails with Crawfish Boil as the title, then renamed the pictures stuff like ‘boil kids’ and ‘boil fun’ and so on. Then I came and uploaded them and wrote up my post. In that instance it worked out, but in others – more often lately – it has not been smooth.

I was shocked at how many things I had not blogged that I thought I had, shocked that I still had these pictures on my phone. After further investigation I discovered that I had emailed the pictures to myself, and downloaded them to the computer – then I stopped! So this whole time I was just daydreaming that I actually had blogged the last few weeks worth of things! I may be, just a twee, nutty right now! lol

So today I moved a bunch more and now I am off to download them and post them and soon we, you and me my sweets, shall be on the same page once again! Yay!


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