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on June 4, 2013
hansens 2 (1)

Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, NOLA
74 years and still strong!

Tucked away in the knotted streets of New Orleans there are a variety of interesting stores ran by interesting people. If you look you will find things that exist nowhere else, and each of those things will come with a rich history and a fun story. Even a local, born in the city and raise just outside of it’s technical limits, such as myself can be surprised.

On Sunday’s my family and I go to church, bright and early the rush begins. I’m up first and I wake the wife after my shower. I start the coffee and wake the children. I get dressed almost last so that my outfit doesn’t have the signs of breakfast and animal care by the time I leave. I decided to go EVERY Sunday, as a reward the family gets a special treat after church on the final Sunday of each month. Last month we went to Hansen’s, a local snowball establishment uptown. Unfortunately we stopped for a run at Audubon Park first. I say unfortunately because while I love to run, it was beyond hot at two in the afternoon and I was beyond tired by the time we got to Hansen’s. We stood in line, which you should expect to do if you visit. This place has quite a following, it’s basically legendary! Across the street is little bookstore, the kind that won’t exist if everyone gives up flavor for price and if our kids forget charm in exchange for giant book store with coffee barristers. I wanted to visit, but I was in a foul mood, a mood so ugly I wasn’t even able to fully appreciate the Hansen’s experience with my family. Boo.

However, in retrospect, it is a really cool place and the founder, Mr. Hansen, invented the shaved ice machine in 1934. How cool is that? If you’d like to know more about their history they have an on-line museum on their website!


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