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Happy birthday!!!

on June 11, 2013

Today my wife turns 33, she’s six months older than me so for the next few months I can tease and make digs about her age. Then in November when I join her in 33 it’s radio silence until she once again has a birthday. lol Only I didn’t make this post to tell that story, I am writing this to wish her the most amazing year. When I think back to the 25 year old baby I met the day before hurricane Katrina took my life to scattered shreds I am amazed at the woman she has blossomed into.

I could not ask for a better partner. She is my foundation, my rock. I never imagined I would trust ANYONE as much as I do her. She is my equal, my best friend, and one of God’s most amazing blessings in my life.

Happy birthday, my love.


One response to “Happy birthday!!!

  1. Amalia says:

    I totally agree. The funny thing is that she has always been an extraordinary person, but somehow in the last 8 years she has become someone even greater. I wonder what could have changed … 🙂

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