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Friday 5 ~ Crushes!

on June 14, 2013

I was going to post this at the end, but for some mood music:

  1. Do you remember your first crush? Did you tell them? Vividly, no I didn’t tell him. Though I think he knew…
  2. Did you have a crush on a teacher? Which one? My 6th grade art teacher was this amazingly androgynous woman and I was beyond infatuated with her!
  3. Do you still have crushes? Do you ever tell them? Celebrity crushes, and stranger crushes – in both cases clearly I’m not telling!
  4. What is your opinion of someone telling your crush object you have a crush? Like someone telling them for me? That would be rude!
  5. What does “having a crush” mean to you? Being in deep like with the idea of a person, because generally crushes are removed from reality, at least for me that is.

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