Goals ~ Raising my standards., God

Where were you when…?

It’s a question I can remember my parents asking their adult friends, these events that were somehow shared by them all.

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Where were you during Betsy? Where were you when Camille hit?

They would ask and I would think, “Who can remember where they were so long ago?”

I was a child, with no scars to look back on. As an adult I now have a few. I can remember where I was when the September 11th attacks took place –  I can remember the whole day, even conversations (perhaps because there were so few.) I can remember where I was when hurricane Katrina hit land, I can remember each of the faces of the people who came and went watching the news with me as it destroyed everything. So I get it now… and I have a new one.equality rally (3)

Where were you when SCOTUS struck down DOMA? I was in my living room, glued to CNN, praising God and crying. I was on the phone with my wife, my mother, updating Facebook and feeling this amazing ONE-ness with the world!!!

Later that day I was with a group of people, 98% strangers who ALL felt like family, celebrating this huge moment and continuing to rally for truly equal rights. We have a long way to go, but we are going to get it done!!!


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