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A do-nothing day!

on July 11, 2013

The best days are sometime the ones that don’t stand out! As in last Friday. My wife is wonderfully busy, thank God, and it seems that the weekends have basically become a pit stop of sorts. It’s a mad rush of quality time, yard work, quick fix projects, dinners, church and any number of family or friend events. As you can imagine it was amazing to have a FOUR DAY weekend for the fourth of July!

Shhh! I had to sneak this picture!!!

Shhh! I had to sneak this picture!!!

FOUR whole days! So we got to party with family on Thursday, do nothing but snuggle and watch Downton Abbey on Friday, clean and work out on Saturday and still have a Sunday to just go over to church and hang out as a family!!!!

It was one of those, “Wow – you really are as lovely as I remember you being!” weekends!!! I love it! I love her!!!


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