Thank You, thank You, thank You!!!

My stomach hurts.

(That was the original title of this blog) It’s not the most elegant post title, but it’s surely the truth. My tummy is flipping and there are tears in my eyes and I can tell you guys why, but I can’t seem to fix it. I don’t understand. why would God use a person too afraid to listen to Him?

Ah, I started this blog on Friday, when I just couldn’t type anything. I had this plan to blog what was on my mind but God had another plan, like for real. I came to this blog to blog it out and do a kind of kiddie version of what He was asking and no sooner did I start to type than it was like I could type no more. God was like, “No. That is not what I told you to do.” So, I addressed it and while my tummy doesn’t hurt – now I am full of scripture and voice and nerves. Still, I figured I would get over here and type a quick blog up because something AMAZINGLY wonderful happened this weekend.

This is the necklace that my dear friend Saundra gave to Lou ♥ on Sunday. She's been wearing it every day.

Our oldest daughter, Lou ♥, got very emotional at the communion table. She was just opened up, then later at the end of service she received the Lord! The light and love that filled that room, the Spirit that enveloped her – it was all amazing. The change in her, after she came up to lay hands on my love, Wayne, and to pray for him, while worshiping she raised her hands and even sang a bit, she has this new confidence in her faith and it is so beautiful. Our lives have changed so much in the last 6-8 months since we found our church, my life and focus and happiness, I never thought it could be this way. When we went back to church it was for my children. I wanted them to have something like I had, but pure and good. I thought at best we would find a place that didn’t outright reject us and then my wife and I would grin and bear it for the kids. The moment I stepped into that room  the first day I forgot all about that. The fact that this church and the people in it could be what it is for me, for my wife and for my children – I can not say enough about God’s great and almighty power, love and grace!!!


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