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Silence of the chickens, a sad story.

on July 23, 2013

“They are just chickens.” That is the response I got most often when I would talk about making our yard birds happy. Chickens can live in crumby coops made of wire and trash. Chickens can lay under horrid conditions. A real yard bird, a good old chicken (not some fancy hybrid delicate breed) will live and persevere in the coldest winters and the hottest summers. That doesn’t mean they are happy that way, and when we as a family take on an animal we make it our goal to give them the best we can. That’s always been my goal and it was no different with our chickens, if you are interested you can read more about the chickens here under the tag suburban mini farm!

Anyway, over time the numbers have dwindled and we have not replaced them because we’ve been pretty unsure of where we will live in 3-5 years and if we should add a new flock now or after we move. Our last chicken, Buffy, was alone in the chicken yard. She was happy, however, and with no competition since Dawn’s passing she has had all the grapes, bread and scraps she could want!

Today, we found something truly horrific. She is gone, the silence in the yard is deafening and heartbreaking. There is nothing but a mess of feathers and then a place where the feathers are piled under the fence, the feather trail continue through the yard of our neighbor and into another yard where they end in a pile of feathers and bones. Cleanly picked chicken bone, clear evidence of her tragic death. The chickens lived in our yard for four years, we did what we could to keep them safe. My wife and I think it must have been raccoons.

As I looked into the yard, knowing she was there the night before all I could think is that I let her down. I failed her. 😦

The crime scene:

We told the kids about her disappearance and the feathers, not the clear cut evidence of death at the end of the trail… does that make me a liar?


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