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Welcome to the world, little Gipper!

on August 5, 2013

Throughout my life I have collected a handful of friends I suspect I will have for the rest of my life. They are all very different from me in so many ways. My Gipper, who I absolutely love like a sister, would probably be the LAST person you would pair me with if given a room full of people and told to pick out my bestie. Yet, we have this amazing connection. We don’t need to talk, we can communicate with a glance. It makes us real card sharks, and I am sure a little awkward to be around for those who don’t know us. My wife thinks that listening to a conversation between us is hilarious because we don’t really finish sentences, because we just get what’s coming out the other’s mouth!

Anyway, my Gipper is currently preggo with our (collectively) fifth child! lol For her “sprinkle” which is apparently the word used for shower when the party is being thrown for a a mother on the second or third or – you get it – child.

I decided that my gift would be art for the nursery, I was also supposed to do the name letters – but the dork went ahead and bought them!!! (I still get to paint them!)


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