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Last week I killed the workouts!!!

on August 6, 2013

If you are linked up to my Facebook then you know that I was “sick” last week, and that I made myself workout anyway! Yep, see I had made the decision to go to every Zumba class available during the week. Then I came down with a cold.

This was my week last week.

This was my week last week.

I took a load of cold medicine, but the big difference was LOTS of prayer, water, clean eating and exercise!!! I sweat that stuff out so hard and so much that by the time I got to where I ran out of medicine I decided just to go with it. It worked. I was still a bit runny and sneeze-y, but well feeling!

Of course being under the weather made me not so want to deal with a girlie bathing suit for Aqua Zumba, so I opted for my wife’s swim trunks. They are too big, but with a draw string it all works out! I was proud of my butch-ness, of course that was short lived. lol


One response to “Last week I killed the workouts!!!

  1. Becca says:

    I’m glad ur feeling better and proud of ur ambitious self. Love y’all

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