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Good girl!

on August 7, 2013

Where do I start?

My love, Paisley, is the sweetest dog ever. She does, however, come from a rough patch. I can’t know what her life before she was found was like, but I do know her people never called  the SPCA to look for her. I know that when she was found she had been hit by a car and suffered broken ribs and been cut up pretty bad. I know that she then got gravely ill, and I know that they failed to realize she was dying of heartworms. I know that when I met her in that noisy, wretched smelling SPCA kennel she looked up at me like, “Here we go again.” She stayed low to the ground and she whimpered as she rolled to her back in complete surrender. I know that when she left with me and my wife that day she was scared of coming and of going.

Being so good on the way home!!!

Being so good on the way home!!!

Over the last few months she has relaxed a lot. She still sticks to me like glue, I am her blankie. She still startles at new noise, HATES keys rattling and reacts to people coming into the house. She still needs to be awoken gently so she doesn’t wake up barking and scared. For me behavior classes were a must, not because she’s bad – she isn’t. She is sweet and calm, but for just in case and for her own enjoyment. She loves to have the “job” of listening to commands. However we have had two bad experiences with other dogs. People tend to think that just because they have a small breed dog it’s okay to let it off leash or that it’s okay to let it bark and growl and confront a large dog. I think the idea is, “Oh, it can’t do any damage.”

Once at the vet Pai (pronounced pay) was sitting ON HER LEASH between my legs as we waited and a woman with a teeny weeny dog came in with a retractable leash. The kind that allows the dog to go where ever it wants. That dog came instantly for me and Pai, barking and growling and acting a fool! At first Pai shrank back, then after running out of room to get away she started to bark and then she started to get a little angry as if she would bite the small dog if I let her. The whole time my dog was between my legs as I held her by her harness and spoke to her gently and the other woman was making comments that ranged from laughing (at first) about the fact that such a large dog was scared of her small dog to kind of upset (at the end) that my dog was getting so angry. She never retracted the leash though, it ended when the vet noticed what was happening and came to get involved, apologizing to me about the whole thing.

Anywho, that made me weary of just any old class. I wanted people who understood my baby and cared about her, despite her size and breed. I found it! I found classes given by a Pitbull rescue group and it has been a God send. Paisley did a great job on day one, but I had to carry her from the car and back. After our second class she walked herself back to the car AND GOT IN ALONE!!! She used to hate getting in the car and would not get in herself. These classes are making me more comfortable and building her courage – together we are both happier. I mean, she’s like my best friend. (I mean, seriously, I love her.) I want her to have the best life I can give her and this is really making a difference!


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