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on August 12, 2013

You might have missed this, and if you did I will happily write it again: I flipping LOVE my wife.

She is my best, best friend – and let me tell you that means a lot because I have AWESOME friends. I love her for so many reasons, her integrity and her work ethics, her strength – both physical and emotional, her capacity to evolve and her spirit. I love that she is my partner, that we are equals says something amazing about me. I love that she is my children’s other parent, that they have her to look at as an example and that they have her to depend on. All of that and so much more. So many big reasons, and then there is a very simple one.

I love that we have fun, pretty much all the time no matter what. We have kids over and they are just shocked by the amount of fun the adults are having as we burst into song (that happens ALL THE TIME!!!) The kids will laugh at us and be like, “You moms are crazy!” and my kids are like, “ALL THE TIME!” lol

Sunday night my wife had to go to bed early so she could get to work at an crazy hour on Monday, but she still pushed to stay up and play bananagrams with me! It’s those moments, that we has so many of, when I am blown away by the power of a good, honest and truly God blessed partnership. Those simple, fun, nothing moments that are kind of everything.


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