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on August 15, 2013

I’ll set the scene for you, it was a busy Saturday and the family has a wedding to go to. It’s casual dress, which means I’m wearing my little black dress named Margo and going all out and the family is able to chose anything from jeans to full dress! My wife is in a dress shirt and a beautiful tie, my oldest is in a dress she picked because it’s so comfy and my youngest is in a pair of jeans with a ruffled top.

Let’s pause the picture there, as there is what this whole story is about. My youngest that day. After she got dressed I did her hair and by that I mean I got all of it – every last strand – into a ponytail! There was AquaNet and there was grunting (she hates having her hair brushed even though it is straight and rarely knots) and at the end of the session there was a PONYTAIL! Big deal, because when she was a teeny princess she had long hair that had only had its bangs trimmed and she began insisting she wanted her hair cut to her ears. At that point I think she was three and a half. She always hated having her hair fixed, but at that age she started indicating she wanted it gone. Sorry kid, three is too young to be deciding such things and so for the next two years she continued to communicate that she wanted a hair cut and I continued to brush and style long blond hair while promising that we would visit the subject when she got older.

Older came in kindergarten when she was just wild with insistence. Fine, we went and got her hair cut. She sat stone still while she had her first official haircut – a bob a little longer than chin length. She hopped off that salon chair only mildly satisfied, she had won the battle but had her eyes on the war.

“Do you like it?” We asked.

She replied, “Uh huh, but I wanted it up to here.” She pointed to her ears. Of course the child wanted it above her ears, I mean that is what she had said all those years ago.

“Maybe next time!” We smiled and life went on.

Of course hair grows and so haircuts come up again, finally in first grade I took her to get her hair cut off – a pixie cut. Every salon we went to had people with opinions. Telling the child she was too pretty to cut her hair, that she would look like a boy, that she couldn’t really want her hair like that. My child continued to request her haircut and I continued to shut hair dressers down, “Look, she knows that it’s not a traditional little girl cut and she knows what she wants!”

Then over this last year as her hair grew out she was little less decisive with the cut she wanted. In the past she has always had a clear idea and we have found picture, this time she was kinda whateve. So I said, “You make up your mind and we’ll get it cut.” It grew, and grew and grew. Then, it went into a wedding in a PONYTAIL!!! I love her hair short, but it was also really cute longer.

“OMGosh! It’s all in the pony – wait let me get the AquaNet!” Then while spraying emphatically, “Your hair is in a ponytail for the first time in years!!!”

Unamused, “I know, I need a haircut.”

Later my wife was like, “Mavis, darling! wants her haircut.” Apparently she had complimented the pony and gotten the same response.

To which I replied, “I know but she needs to pick a style.”

When we got home she confirmed a style, I guess all it took was one ponytail to really light her fire! lol

This is the first time she has gotten what she wanted and she was very happy.


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