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Hanging the coffee mugs.

on August 22, 2013

Long ago, as a part of another life, I bought a mobile home. All the paper work was completed in like June of 2005 and the home was delivered in August. My father and brother moved my grandmother’s furniture (which I had been paying storage on for years) into the home and I had the water hooked up and speant several a very sweaty, dark, electricity free night there shuffling my belongings and unpacking. The thing that I was the most proud of, that brought me the most joy, was hanging the coffee mugs that a friend had given me.

I was so hot and my hand slipped so many time, but I was happy! It was literally less than a week that hurricane Katrina demolished that little home and my whole town. The water ripped through and moved everything. My mobile home came off the ground and floated a bit before sinking into the water. There were two things that impacted me the day I went back to that home to recover anything I had left. One was that my kitchen table had floated and somehow not toppled – God’s hand – which left a binder of sketches and writings virtually untouched! The other was that among the broken insane chaos, my coffee mugs still hung – full of nasty water and dirt – on their hooks at impossible angles.

See, I had prayed for those mugs. They meant something to me, they meant something to the person I would be one day even though I didn’t understand it…thurs (3)

Anygettothepointway, the other day I while cleaning I decided it was time to hang coffee mugs again. I drilled and grunted and really got it done. After, I won’t lie, there was this rush of emotion. The kind you get when you are doing work on yourself you are not even aware of, and the kind that comes with a sense of, “THAT was a real break through.” A part of me, deep and unaware, healed and moved on as I looked at those mugs hanging. I sent a picture to my wife. My amazing blessing of a partner. She called immediately and said, “That makes me so happy, baby, because I know that is big for you. I know what that means and I love you for it.” She knew more than I knew, she understood me as I understood myself and that was absolutely AMAZING.


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