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on August 27, 2013

This site, me, life, all of it… Always, and that is a good thing.

As I moved from focusing so much on weight loss and more on life so many things have shifted and opened and healed, leaving new things to roll around in my mind and new places to be restored. One of the really rough patches is my relationship with food. I can only say that it’s much like a true to life abusive relationship. Like, when I was fat food was abusing me. Then we broke up and went to counseling, I lost the weight and we stayed friends. Of course the next thing you know we are back together, only now I am the abuser. What I am saying is that I am still at odds and while I am no longer binging and often things are fine, I tend now to swing in the other direction where instead of too much there is often not enough.

It’s a struggle and I am blessed to have a wife who not only tolerates my emotional breakdowns and the physical pains that comes with disordered eating issues, she helps me through them gently and with love no matter how often we have to have the same conversation or how often I have the same meltdown. (Usually this is several times a day when it hits and then we can be fine for a while.) I have decided, however, to sit myself down and think, “What worked last time?” The answer is clear: blogging, vlogging, and rewards.

So this blog will be a bit more food focused, and I will be vlogging again and I have already gone “window” shopping for rewards.

So the plan, which is simple, is to eat. Yep, see, simple. It’s to eat everyday. To eat normal food, all the foods I ate the whole time I lost weight. It’s to eat as close to a normal amount (1200-1500) calories and to workout a minimum of four times a week 30 or more minutes. That’s a big change as well, because I was starting to not be happy if I wasn’t going for an hour or more. Nope, 30-45 HARDCORE minutes, just like when I started only four times not three!

If you are interested in more info I cover everything in depth on my Youtube channel and if you want to see what I am eating I have recommitted to Instagraming my food! As far as rewards I know I want a Curl Secret for my BIG reward and I want a sweater for my first ten pounds. I think I want books for my workout rewards. Check it!


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