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NFL Back to Football Run Series, Saints 5k ~ Nola

on September 4, 2013

I’m not gonna lie, I had lost my spunk. I just couldn’t make myself die my hair or go for a run or anything really. There wasn’t any one thing, or not one I could really put my finger on at least. I guess, I needed a reason. Sometimes a girl just does. Sometimes, just because isn’t good enough! So when my wife pushed me to do the NFL Back to Football run I had my reason!

I hadn’t really been all that into the idea, I was going it alone for the first time ever. Then my friend, my lovely Ree, decided to go with me and that was when this became what I needed. The rejuvenation of my running. A reason to get excited! It’s pretty ridiculous that this was a 5K and we have both done longer and harder runs, but we were so nervous.

The end of the race was the fifty yard line. I was so stoked to be out of the Saints’ field! It was AWESOME. Not to mention my time was not bad considering I had not been running at all, had not trained and am still running awful shoes! I was also really proud of Ree who got a basic in the not stopping department. Next time she is getting an advanced!!! lol


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