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Confession of a home schooling mother:

on September 17, 2013

My darling blogging bunnies, I don’t know what it is about our time here together. Is it the careful way you listen? Or your sweet silence as I just pour out my heart? I don’t know, but something makes me feel so comfortable that I just spill forth the confessions! It is so true, there is a history here of me just giving away my secrets and today I am doing it again.

I am a home schooling mother, which is honestly so full of amazing blessings I am almost ashamed of it. However, it can be rough. My days start early and end late. I work Sunday – Saturday, there are no weekends or holidays. If the kids go off to Mimi’s house there is still housework to be done. A typical school day goes like this: 4:30-5 a.m. breakfast, coffee and lunch made for the woman, 5-6 straighten kitchen, 6-7:30 read or nap if I can, 7:30-8 wake children, 8-8:30 breakfast for the kids, 9:15ish-12:30ish class, 12:30-1 make lunch, 1:30- class completion (sometimes 3 and sometimes 6:30,) 5:30 on it’s a mishmash of class (if we are still working) and dinner and workouts and cleaning and lesson plans and blogs and videos and bath/shower anything that I need to do… The weekends are not much different really, except that then I am not doing class and I am getting all the house stuff that didn’t get done done. There are no sick days, there are no days off. You don’t get to hand a project off to a coworker and go home or take a personal day. It can get rough.

If you add in the migraines that create the illusion that I am dying and the reoccurring erythema bumps, and you might realize that I don’t really have a lot of nothing going on, ever. So, and here comes the confession, sometimes I just don’t have it in me. Sometimes I let the kids sleep in, because I need just a minute for the Advil to kick in. Sometimes we have breakfast and then a loooooonnnngggg reading break because a migraine has me down for the count, or the dishes REALLY need to be done. Sometimes I assign Just Dance for P.E. and then let them play it for well over an hour. Sometimes it just is that way.

Still, my goal and truest intention is to do this thing right, as right as I can. I try to regulate our school time, I make lesson plans and study guides (though I am the only home schooling mom who does that I know of.) I have calendars and course maps that keep us “ahead” in the courses. I do this so that we have a “bank” if you will of extra lessons so that if I need a day or the kids get sick or the dog needs to go to the vet or the tires need to be rotated we can use our banked hours and not get behind. At least, that is the plan. It has been the plan for the last two years, each time falling apart almost as soon as we started the year! This year, with all my car issues and some erythema issues, we again fell a little behind in two subjects. Instead of freaking out and staking an all night all weekend attack I just sat the kids down and we looked at things honestly and made the changes we felt we could live with.

I am happy to report that as of Friday, which we will do no work on because we are going on a field trip, we will be right on target in Literature, History and Science; we will be one lesson ahead in Math and two in Grammar; we will be a full unit ahead in Composition, Vocabulary, Art and Music! As long as we keep trucking at this VERY reasonable speed we will pick up an extra Math, Literature, History and Science every week, as well as three extra Vocabulary and Compositions a week!

It’s mind blowing to think that we are finally a team with a game plan that really works. The blessings of this life adventure are endless, I truly can not thank God enough! I might be here due to illness, but the honest to God truth is that it has been a God send!


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