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I just lost my coffee!

on September 25, 2013

No, not in a “LOLed and spit coffee everywhere” way, in a “I seriously LOST my coffee” way! My kitchen table has, once again, sprouted it’s own source of gravity and begun pulling all things to it! There are piles of newspapers and nail polish and sixth grade text books and scissors (there are three pairs, yet I can NEVER find scissors when I need them) and crayons and fourth grade workbooks and Bibles and recipe cards and a pen pal letter that still needs to be responded to. It’s all delightfully interesting, and miserably cluttered.

I wasn’t too upset about losing the coffee, I had probably had enough because I could feel it starting to creep over my skin and scalp like a slow crawl. I was MAJOR concerned for the  fact that buried somewhere on this table was my coffee just waiting to spill all over the world. I started looking, calmly at first and then as I couldn’t locate it that calm turned into a straight up freak out! What the heck? Where was this coffee?!

I did the only logical thing. No, I didn’t throw myself out of my first story living room window. I did the second logical thing, I cleaned the table. Shuffling through all my piles and finding them new and permanent piles. Shifting the books and notes to their shelves and binders… Slowly a table emerged, but no coffee?! What? I stepped back and scanned the room – oh, my coffee is on the kitchen counter. Did I really just clean my table for NO REASON?! Well, amen to that!



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