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eating things

on September 26, 2013

So new things are happening in my kitchen, nothing ground breaking or anything… cauillfnkllejrRoasted cauliflower is the first one. Not new in a world way, new in a Sonya’s kitchen way. See I like raw cauliflower, but I tend not to like it cooked so though people would RAVE about how good it is cooked I never tried it. Then, last week I was like, “Oh, what the heck!” Flippin’ so, so, so good! I simply lightly sprayed with olive oil and roasted it with salt and garlic pepper… So good! Then I tried it again coated in coconut curry and BANG – it was amazing! I have a new favorite snack and, you know what? I am making some now! lol

salmon mealUp next, look you will never hear me say that these frozen meals are the best option. You will hear me talk about making things as easy as possible. Sometimes when given a choice between junk and cooking I will pick junk – in those times I like to make the junk as non-junkie as possible, and THAT is where these type of options come in. As far as frozen meals go, this one was good and vegetarian (which I am not, officially, but tend to steer that way more often than not.)


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