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Happy October!

on October 1, 2013

I don’t have the windows open, but they could be. It’s a lovely gray day and I am happy to be home, cooking and enjoying the semi rain as it works it’s way through the neighborhood in gentle bits.

The dogs are knocked out, the curry is simmering, the children are drawing and I am thinking.

October usually starts the holiday season, a group of months that spin you out of control. So much to do, and time flies while it is punctuated by holiday after holiday! I am not stressed out, I found a gift for my sister’s birthday, I think it will be fun. She is the main person I try to get a gift for. I am looking forward to a holiday season with my friends and church. Seriously, I think my plan is to crash other people’s family get togethers and avoid my own. I’ll bring the cupcakes! 😉



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