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Old Arabi Eats ~ Arabi, LA

on October 2, 2013

It doesn’t look like much from the street, and I meant to take a quick picture. That didn’t happen because I was starving and not in the most bloggable mood. My mood lifted some once we entered, my wife and I, and found a clean – though rather noncommittal – plain interior. The seating was a blend of diner and picnic-ish pieces and the decor was, well, I think they are aiming for eclectic but need more layers.

I was super impressed with the dinner menus that I had seen. The menu changes constantly, but everything I had seem made me feel like there would be something I would like. We, however, went for lunch and at first my wife was a little bummed. She even suggested we leave. My wife is a big BBQ-pulled pork fan and their pulled pork sandwich seemed to be a winner. It was winner enough to make us stay, and I am glad we did.

I picked the fried skate fish sandwich, which my be disturbing. Why? You ask, and I answer – because I think it might be a stingray type fish and while I think with my brain there isn’t a difference between a fish fish and a stingray, my heart says, “Awwww.” That’s the bad news, the good news is that the sandwich was SO good. Perfectly balanced in flavor and the fries were just the right amount!

At this point I am so impressed, and really happy to have a (possible) favorite restaurant right in my own hood, that I can’t wait to go and try them for dinner! I am hoping to get there on a day when scallops are on the menu!!!


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