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Tropical Storm Karen – Karen? Really?

on October 4, 2013

There is a tropical storm out in the gulf. I am mildly annoyed with the name, Karen. I feel like when these peeps name storms they need to consider that it could potentially be a defining point in someone’s life. Who wants to forever be broken up over a Karen? That’s just not fierce. Zasha, Xenia, or SONYA – those are some fierce names! 😉


Tropical Storm Karen is making spaghetti – yum!

My family and I are going to “hunker down” as they say, sit in place with lots of bottled water and lots of batteries. Our big plan? Easy. I am going to orchestrate a Wii bowling tournament and a Wii tennis death match!!! If we lose electricity then we get to play LOADS of UNO and Parcheesi! Yep, it’s basically a great excuse to be a long family game night.

We generally don’t lose our power, and if it goes off it’s more of a flicker. So I’ll be praying for that to be the case.

On a deeper note, have you ever felt like – like life is setting you up? I know this storm has nothing to do with me, but it comes at a time of stress and weakness. Normally a threat of a storm would result in my family employing our back-up plan. A plan that isn’t really an option at this point and we haven’t had time to come up with a new back-up. It’s a time where, in the past I would have just folded and gone back to status quo (bdubbs, I totally spelled status quo right!? Who is getting smart over here? ME!!!) So, this weekend is a new and could be scary time, that I will not be scared.

I also intend on being in my seat when church starts which is at the same time they thing that the weather will be hitting if you look at models right now. Of course, it could just skip us altogether. I am banking on that, hoping for enough cloud cover to have a lovely gray weekend but not be in danger as we trek to church and carry on with our business.


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