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Making bad choices…

on October 8, 2013

… in my dreams.

Seriously, okay so let me tell you guys what’s been going on here in my jacked up little mind. There is a fair amount of family things going on, drama I have chosen to walk away from. It’s the only way. However, in the time since my dreams have been kicking my butt!

Food is an issue for me, it most probably always will be something I have to watch and I know this. In the days following “the incident” I ate most of my feelings. Well, I avoided it for a hot minute, but then the stress caused a Fibro flare and in my pain I ate. I know, not the way to handle it. I didn’t binge and that is awesome. I did eat my feelings. So when it was time to say, “No more.” (That is the important thing, knowing that that time needs to happen and making it happen.) I told myself that thing were changing and I had a truly AWESOME food and exercise day. Then I went to sleep and IN MY DREAM I ATE NACHOS, not just a few – A LOT OF NACHOS WITH EXTRA CHEESE!!! I ate nachos till I was sick and ate more. I dream binged and this is the first time in my life it has ever happened! Weird.


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